Hermi Fast Klick® Cable Trays in Magnelis® Version

Hermi Fast Klick® Cable Trays in Magnelis® Version
Hermi Introduces Hermi Fast Klick® Cable Trays in Magnelis® Version

Hermi is pleased to announce the latest addition to its product lineup – Hermi Fast Klick® Cable Trays, now available in Magnelis® version. This enhancement brings a new dimension of durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation to the renowned Hermi Fast Klick® series. The cable trays of this series have so far been available in galvanised sheet metal, stainless steel, acid-resistant stainless steel and powder-coated galvanised sheet metal. This advancement underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Key Features of Hermi Fast Klick® Cable Trays in Magnelis®:

  • Quick and Easy Installation: Designed for swift and effortless installation, Hermi Fast Klick® Cable Trays eliminate the need for special tools and bolting materials, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.
  • Magnelis® Material: Magnelis® is a new cutting-edge material known for its exceptional corrosion resistance. This makes the Hermi Fast Klick® cable trays suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing longevity and reliability in diverse environments.
  • Versatile Dimensions: Hermi Fast Klick® Cable Trays in Magnelis® come with a height of 60 mm and widths ranging from 50 to 600 mm, offering flexibility to accommodate various cable management needs. Lengths are available in 2 m and 3 m options.
  • Comprehensive Cable System Components: Explore additional options with Hermi SNT wall brackets and cable tray covers, providing a holistic solution for efficient cable management.
  • Standards Compliance: Hermi Fast Klick® Cable Trays are compliant with IEC 61537 standard, ensuring adherence to industry benchmarks for quality and performance.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: With its innovative and patented boltless fastening technology and in the Magnelis® version, the Hermi Fast Klick® trays prove to be an extremely cost-effective solution, especially for larger installations, saving on both material and labour costs.
  • Immediate Availability: Hermi is committed to meeting the demands of its customers promptly. Hermi Fast Klick® cable trays made of Magnelis® are available on a regular delivery schedule.

For further information and a personalized quote, feel free to contact us at 00386 3426 0643 or via email info@hermi-solutions.com.

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